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15 mai 2010

welcome on the virtual gallery of Gée

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There is always a new dream in the waking

Desire to fulfill,

Hunger to satisfy,

A generous heart,

A hand held,

An open hand,

Attentive eyes, a life;

A life to share together.”

Paul Eluard


Gee’s works are the result of a meeting, a glance, even an emotion. The heart and the spirit choose the language of symbolism, of magic that comes from the bottom of one’s soul and which expresses itself through the hands…

Because art is a language, a mode of expression that permits dialogue, exchange, as it is a connection between us… Whether rich or poor, decadent or virulent, aggressive or violent, soft and tender, lively or dull, cold, austere or glowing full of passion, free or restrained by a thousand and one chains, objective, subjective, relative, evolutionary …. That is of no importance! Art is creation, imagination, passion.

Art asks questions, cries out, makes one indifferent; but it is multifaceted, a reflection of a world full of diversity and of differences: This world which is an infinite space and magical, full of techniques, materials, cultures and of many diverse minds which provide so much inspiration. It is through this richness, the people, others, society, journeys – that the creative force finds its strength. "Travel is a door through which one leaves reality to enter a new undiscovered world that seems but a dream." Guy de Maupassant, Au Soleil, Preface … Travel around this minuscule planet Earth but also beyond, across worlds of fantasy, this limitless universe allowing us to stretch our wings to discover our imaginations.

Fairytales and the heroes from the realms of fantasy known to us as children (elves, mermaids, various monsters and other spirits and ghosts…) are one of several basic influences on the artist in his or her own new development. It provokes the depth of one’s inspirations in the search for a marvelous universe and a playful way to present it.

Fantasy is a literary genre which is characterized by an irrational element which generally gives way to a mythical aspect and is often incarnated by the sudden emergence or use of magic. This could be potentially seen as a modern incarnation and the lengthening of the Fantasy genre which takes on many sub-themes … The Lord of the Rings or Harry Potter to only mention a few. ..

For her paintings, Gée uses most often oils which are more vibrant than acrylics; her hands being warmer than pincers… most of the time. For her sculptures, she exploits a multitude of materials, objects … sometimes employing nature as a support to her imagination. Mother Nature herself is an artist and sometimes leaves in her wake the fruits of her labors. Gée only but gives this a new life … wood in strange forms, roots, leaves … Added to it are papier mâché , plaster, pearls, fabric or anything else appropriate …

* The main sculptors to have influenced her* Ousmann Sow (whose works she could admire during the weekends for two months during an exposition competition dedicated to St. Raphael in 2006) * Moralès, to whom there is a museum dedicated in Port le Bouc (13) * Niki de St. Phalle, and many others …

Gée doesn’t know how to define herself. Who is she? That is a mystery. She is a mixture of things: a tiny part angel, a trace devil … and many other sides, always out of the ordinary. She makes her works as destiny dictates, a reflection of a world that she desires of justice and of freedom, and in which we are no longer but clowns and minions, always at the watch of others … In her own way, she fights against social labels, the boxes we put ourselves in or those that others force us into. She makes the world colorful in her own way … Her interior violence, emotions, joys, enthusiasm, deceit, wounds show themselves by her aggressive and lively colors, but yet so full of subtlety; by their forms, faces, bodies that intertwine … by the materials that inspire their strength. Her sculptures are a song that feeds from fantasy. Like her paintings, they are a cry that nobody would understand as an emotion.

Gée is no-one and every-one: Maybe you’ve already met at the crossroads, by chance through an acquaintance or at the corner of the street, yet being in a crowd of nobodies, never knowing who is who.

She’s already made symbols of her culture that claim to be universal as her own. And even when one falls into the mundane, as relief claiming to be a pleasant dream, nothing is stronger than the language of a masterpiece, as a search for meaning, an examination of the conscience, and on life.. on life!

It’s a question of one’s point of view.

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